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Everybody wants to be happy, and everybody is on a happiness quest.


Everybody wants to be happy. Everybody is on a happiness quest. For many, happiness is measured in moments. Experiences. It's elusive. Unsustainable. What about you? What makes you happy? In this remarkable 6-part study, Andy reveals what makes you happy. He explores the three things all happy people have in common. Then he goes on to describe how these three things can be realities for you as well.

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1. Nothing
2. Plan for It
3. Peace With God
4. Happy Money
5. Shoes
6. You're Not Enough


  • Jesus launched his ministry with a message about happiness: the Sermon on the Mount, the beatitudes.
    • Happiness is an outcome. It’s not immediately accessible.
    • You sow and reap your way to happy.
    • What makes you happy? No thing. Sowing.
  • Something can be both unfair and true.
    • You were born with your nationality, which is true about you but not fair.
    • Likewise, we were all born sinners.
    • It might not be fair, but it is true.
    • Acting godly or righteous doesn’t make you godly anymore than acting British makes you British.
    • Only by being “born again” through faith in Jesus can we be made righteous.
    • We’ve all viewed our parents as enemies at some point.
    • They were at odds with us because they were for us.
    • Their love was too strong to simply go along. God is a perfect father. His love is too strong to simply go along with our sin.
    • This creates conflict between us and God.
    • Andy offered an opportunity at the end of the message for those who wish to put their faith in Christ and find peace with God.
  • You cannot serve both God and stuff.
    • In Jesus opinion, the chief competitor for your devotion and your heart is your stuff and your desire for stuff.
    • Discontentment, greed, and debt all erode your happiness.
    • Give first. Save second. Live on the rest. Giving always results in joy.
    • Money in the bank leads to peace in the mind. If you live on the rest you experience freedom.
  • BaptizeMe.org – Andy invited everyone who put their faith in Christ during the message a couple weeks ago to be baptized.
    • You either offer yourself as a slave to sin or to the good shepherd.
    • What do you say yes to over and over? What pleasure do you always say yes to? Sow better to reap better to feel better.
    • If we feel bad we pursue pleasure instead of sowing into happiness. But there is no quick fix.
    • We all know what we reach for when we feel unhappy.
    • We are choosing to be slaves to that pleasure that won’t actually bring us happiness.
    • If you continue to say yes to that pleasure, you are a thief. Is there a pleasure that is slowly taking you prisoner?
    • Trade your pleasure for a good shepherd who will give you abundant life.
  • Is there an opportunity for serving others or volunteering somewhere that you’re missing out on? If so, what is one step you can take immediately to take advantage of that opportunity?

Scripture: Matthew 22:36-40; James 1:15; Matthew 5:1-10; Matthew 7:24-26; Romans 5:1-2, Romans 12; Colossians 1:13; 1 John 1:6, 1 John 4:20; Luke 16:13; John 10:10-11; Romans 6:16; Galatians 5:19–26


  • "Anything that undermines your peace ultimately undermines your happiness." — Andy Stanley
  • "Happiness is more about who than what." — Andy Stanley
  • "Happy are the relationally generous." — Andy Stanley
  • "Happy are those with no guilt, no regret, and a clear conscience." — Andy Stanley
  • "Peace with God paves the way to peace with ourselves and equips us to make peace with others." — Andy Stanley
  • "Don't trade your peace for some thing that can't bring you peace." — Andy Stanley
  • "Money contributes to your happiness if you manage it well." — Andy Stanley
  • "Eventually pleasure loses its pleasure and becomes a prison." — Andy Stanley
  • "When you prioritize pleasure over happiness you end up with neither." — Andy Stanley
  • "Selfishness is natural, but you were not designed for selfishness." — Andy Stanley
  • "As long as YOU are all about YOU, YOU wont be happy" — Andy Stanley
  • "You can't acquire, consume or exercise your way to happiness." — Andy Stanley
  • "The value of a life is always measured by how much of it was given away." — Andy Stanley

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