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What Makes You Happy, Part 5: "Shoes"

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Why are we tempted to make decisions that hurt us in the long run? This message will help you understand the difference between pleasure and happiness. — Andy Stanley #HappySeries

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Have you ever watched someone else’s life and it was like watching a slow-motion car wreck? You can see self-inflicted pain headed in that person’s direction. You wonder how he or she doesn’t see it coming. Maybe you’ve been that person. Others tried to warn you, but you couldn’t see the danger that was so obvious to them. How does that happen? Why are we tempted to make decisions that hurt us in the long-run? The problem often stems from our confusion about the relationship between pleasure and happiness.

Is there a pleasure that is undermining your happiness? Is there a pleasure that’s beginning to act like a warden in your life by taking away your freedom to say no? If so, you’ve prioritized your pleasure over your happiness. Maybe it’s time to trade your sin for a good shepherd who offers you life to the full. #HappySeries

Notes: – Andy invited everyone who put their faith in Christ during the message a couple weeks ago to be baptized. You either offer yourself as a slave to sin or to the good shepherd. What do you say yes to over and over? What pleasure do you always say yes to? Sow better to reap better to feel better. If we feel bad we pursue pleasure instead of sowing into happiness. But there is no quick fix. We all know what we reach for when we feel unhappy. We are choosing to be slaves to that pleasure that won’t actually bring us happiness. If you continue to say yes to that pleasure, you are a thief. Is there a pleasure that is slowly taking you prisoner? Trade your pleasure for a good shepherd who will give you abundant life.
Scripture: John 10:10-11; Romans 6:16
Quotes: "Eventually pleasure loses its pleasure and becomes a prison." — Andy Stanley "When you prioritize pleasure over happiness you end up with neither." — Andy Stanley

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